About Me

Hi! I am Laura Brown and I came to the Capital Region in 1996 after graduating from college with a Master's in physical therapy. I spent 13 years in a rehabilitation setting as a PT and LMT while developing the hospital therapeutic massage program.  I have since started my own business to fulfill my desire to do hands-on work that addresses a clients problems.

I re-branded as ume:urban.massage.elite. ume (oo-may) is Japanese for plum blossom. The plum blossom is thought to symbolize endurance and devotion. This accurately describes my love of this profession.

I am so excited to add Calmare Pain Therapy to my practice! This is the game changer for people suffering with neuropathic pain. It was very frustrating to be able to address that problem adequately with massage, so I am embracing my physical therapy roots to tackle this pain epidemic.

I am happy to give a wonderful relaxing Swedish massage. My specialty lies in working with those who have pain issues; be they chronic or acute. For a deep tissue, sports, or therapeutic session, you have found your new source of help. Please visit No Nonsense Therapeutic massage on YouTube to see my commercial! Please visit ume urban massage elite on Facebook, where you can enjoy self-serve gift certificate service.