Bemer - Trial now!

I know what your first question is...What is Bemer? Right

check it out:  




My conference on Bemer in NJ has inspired me to offer a one month trial of this exciting new adjunct and I am offering it at a steal! For the month of October get unlimited Bemer for just $100. That is normally $250/10 sessions!

call me at 518-867-2262 to get started.



Bemer is an exciting addition I am eager for at ume. It is PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field. Bemer targets the micro-vessels known as capillaries. For many of us, capillaries do not function as they should. Bemer increases the rate of vasodilation and vasoconstriction to provide relief from discomfort, an increase in energy and an overall feeling of well-being. 

I have scheduled a presentation so we can all hear more about this wonderful addition to massage, or stand-alone treatment. If interested please send me an email with your name and number. I look forward to seeing you!