Calmare Frequently Asked Questions

Capital Region Calmare FAQ's


I have metal implants. Is Calmare contraindicated?

As long as the metal implant does not contain iron (you will be told not to have an MRI done), or produces its own current, such as a stimulator or pacemaker, it is not a contraindication to receive Calmare Therapy. Most current materials for joint replacements and spine supports do not contain iron, but ask your surgeon if you fell more comfortable doing so.

Can I use Calmare Therapy if I have an implanted stimulation device?

No. Calmare is not to be used in anyone with a cardiac pacemaker or spinal stimulation device. This is true even if the device is turned of.

Is Calmare invasive and are there side effects?

Not at all. Calmare uses non-latex surface electrodes to deliver gentle stimulation. There are no known side effects.

How long can I expect pain relief to last after a Calmare session?

During your first cycle pain will return, although relief periods should become longer and intensity decreasing as it does return.
After your cycle of therapy relief periods vary. You can expect pain relief generally for 1-6 months. In some cases longer periods of relief can be expected. Boosters can re-deliver relief periods once pain re-emerges.

How will I know if this treatment works for me?

Once the electrodes are placed correctly you will experience a decrease in pain or become pain free. In subsequent treatments pain re-emerges with less intensity and the relief period gets longer. It is recommended to do three sessions to witness this for yourself.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last approximately one hour plus time to position the electrodes (possibly longer on the first visit). One treatment a day is given, typically Monday-Friday for an average of 2 weeks. Specific cases may need more or less.

What will I feel with stimulation?

At first you may feel a stinging or biting sensation. Your provider will dial intensity slowly so as to reach a tingling or vibrating sensation. Constant communication with your provider is important as to the quality and intensity of the sensation.

Do I need to combine medications or treatments with Calmare?

Calmare is a stand alone-treatment that does not need to be combined with any other medication or treatment. If you remain on (non anticonvulsant) pain medications it is important to remain in communication with your physician. It may be prudent to change required dosage due to the success of Calmare Therapy.

Can Calmare cure me?

No, Calmare will not cure or correct the underlying condition causing the pain. Calmare treats chronic neuropathic pain as a separate and distinct problem by changing the message the nerves are sending to the brain from pain to no-pain.

Nor will Calmare permanently eradicate pain. Eventually pain returns in roughly 1-6 months. This can happen sooner or later than that time frame based on an individuals response to therapy and life-style factors. When pain reoccurs we provide booster treatments. Previous levels of comfort are usually regained in 1-3 sessions.