Calmare - General

For those suffering with debilitating nerve pain everyday, help has arrived. This nerve pain can be from diseases such as cancer, diabetes, shingles or can occur from common reasons like sciatica and failed back surgery syndrome.

Often the pain is so bad it interferes with completing everyday activities. Until now there has been very little to offer patients, and many have turned to invasive surgeries or addictive substances. These can have adverse, or some times fatal side effects.

Non-invasive, drug-free and effective pain relief without side effects is what one can expect from Calmare Therapy. This technology uses a biophysical, rather than biochemical approach; scrambling the message sent to the brain into one of no-pain.

Calmare can help avoid costly and invasive surgery, potentially addictive drug dependence and get people on the road to recovery - fully able to enjoy work and life. Clear and immediate results have been seen with thousands of successful treatments by its use in renowned medical facilities, cancer centers and pain clinics across the world.

Now Calmare is in the Capital Region!

Calmare is not a "one and done" treatment. Patients are seen daily until the course of treatment is over. Having to travel presents some tricky logistics, and significant added expense. This centrally located NYS Capital Region Calmare will make becoming pain free a realization for many.

For info in how to become a patient please contact me at and visit the "Helpful Forms" page on this website, as well as the "more" tab.

For now, please watch the following incredible news segment from our colleagues in Utah:

Thank you!!!!