Calmare Testimonials


Cathie B, Young Onset Parkinsons Disease

I tried Calmare because I have Parkinsons Disease. There are no cures for this but I was very interested in the science behind Calmare.

I am young and want to do things that involve my hands. Having tremors is very difficult physically and emotionally. Even typing this tesimonial is difficult - all things I used to take for granted.

I was honestly not expecting much because I knew I could not complete a full treatment cycle but hoped to see some change, however small. 

During the treatment my tremors did subside and my hand was finally peaceful. Laura Brown also treated my jaw which is also affected by tremor and makes my teeth chatter and grind.

What happened that I didn't expect was the relaxation of the rigor in my arm. I am a teacher and my arm would be bent and my hand had the appearance of a claw. It was scary for the young students. My therapy was December second and after only 3 sessions the rigor remained at bay until January 16. 

I plan to share this information with my neurologist and hope to complete a full cycle of Calmare for better results. I hope that one day there will be an official study done for Parkinsons Disease.


Steve M - Low Back Pain/Sciatica

My wife has been going for treatments with Laura and they have made a tremendous difference. The pain relief my wife experienced is amazing, almost like it is too good to be true. I thank God for using this treatment to give my wife some wife has tried just about everything in the last 4 years and nothing compares to this treatment. If you are in constant pain please do yourself a favor and try the Calmare protocol.