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Calmare Therapy is an FDA 510(k) cleared and European CE mark-certified pain therapy medical device for the non-invasive treatment of chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain. It is used in many prestigious hospitals and clinics world-wide and its debut to the Capital Region affords people to receive this daily treatment without the additional costs of travel.

After a completely free initial phone consulatation, Capital Region Calmare Therapy is happy to offer patients a discounted  initial treatment at the rate of $100. Subsequent sessions are at a cost of $250 per session. Treatment sessions over the average of 10 (sessions 11, 12...) are at a cost of $200 per session.
Booster treatments are also at a cost of $200 per session.


Therapy is not covered by insurance in NYS at this time. Your provider will be happy to give you an invoice if you wish to pursue reimbursement. Capital Region Calmare will not bill an insurance company. You may want to inquire if your HSA will cover this treatment.

Payment Options

What makes Calmare Therapy special and unique is its ability to offer immediate relief without drugs or invasiveness. Credit cards are accepted as well as financing through Scratchpay. Research this option at

Concierge Service

Patients may opt to pay $4,000.00 per calendar year for up to and including 20 sessions. This will include treatment plus boosters and offer a savings of $1,000.00. Included in this option is the opportunity for 4 sessions with Lisa Marie Tersigni, Functional Wellness Coach. Lisa Marie can assist with the implementation of a non-inflammatory diet, as well as other aspects of health. (A $500 value).

It is important to note that Capital Region Calmare provides certain physical therapy services with this cutting edge technology. This is a package service to maximize the results of Calmare. Physical Therapy services will be billed to your insurance and accepted without further out of pocket expense by the patient.


Calmare can seem like a large up-front cost but remember that results are long-lasting!  For example: a patient utilizing 10 sessions has a cost of $2,500.00. They also may experience 10 months without pain (results vary). This is $250 a month - dinner and drinks twice! Even if this patient needs all three booster sessions at an additional cost of $600 total, that brings total cost of therapy to $3,100.00. For an anticipated 20 months of pan relief we are now at $155/month or $5.16 per day.  

Advance Beneficiary Notice of Anticipated Non-coverage

I understand that my health insurance coverage does not pay for every service or care, even some that a health care provider may think will act as a direct benefit to my health. Capital Region Calmare expects that most insurance companies will not cover the cost of Calmare Therapy.

I understand that Capital Region Calmare will not bill my insurance policy for this service and that I am responsible for payment before these services will be rendered.

I understand that I have the right to directly seek reimbursement for these services from my insurance company and that Capital Region will, at my request, provide me with medical and billing records enabling me to seek reimbursement from my policy.

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