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It is extremely important that the patient be free of anticonvulsant or marijuana use prior to beginning Calmare Therapy. Please consult your physician to a weaning regime prior to beginning treatment. A list of common anticonvulsant medication is included in this website for your review.

Your provider will go over the paperwork with you and gain a thorough understanding of your condition prior to beginning your first session. If the first session is well tolerated the remainder of the sessions will be scheduled.

The national average number of sessions is 10, however this number is an average. The standard treatment is conducted Monday-Friday for two weeks.

Due to the need for consecutive treatments, no new patients will be scheduled on Thursday or Friday.

"Booster" Treatments

Pain relief from Calmare Therapy is not necessarily permanent. Pain relief may last anywhere from 1-6 months, with the longest reported relief period lasting over one year. Just like the number of needed sessions, your provider can not predict how long relief will last. This depends on multiple variables.

Once pain returns it is important for patients to return for "booster" treatments. If not left for too long, recurring pain is usually eliminated with 1-3 sessions.

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