Calmare - what do I need to know

There are some considerations to be taken into account when possibly pursuing Calmare Therapy. For further information, contact me at

  • Calmare is a neuropathic/oncologic pain treatment and will not assist any other type of pain
  • Calmare is not covered by insurance in NYS and is a fee for service treatment
  • patient will receive a minimum of 3 sessions at $250 each at which time they can continue or discontinue
  • it is up to the patient to communicate with the therapist and their referring physician regarding medications
  • all medication questions should be referred to physician
  • certain medications will nullify benefits of Calmare. This includes any use of marijuana products. All patient information is confidential and failure to notify medical team of use of these products will not relinquish patient of financial obligation
  • Therapist is not liable for issues arising from nondisclosure and is unable to guarantee results
  • lotions and creams should not be applied to area being treated prior to session
  • it is fine to eat prior to therapy
  • patient should continue medication as advised by physician. If possible take pain meds after session so as not to confuse results of therapy
  • Calmare is a daily session until there is 48 hours of no change. Do not start Calmare if you are not able to commit to daily sessions.