CBD oil massage and retail

****NOTE 6/11/2020****

Update to our CBD line... I am phasing out Apothecanna. It is and I'm sure will remain an amazing brand and I will alwys be happy to assist you in obtaining your product. However, as we are always evolving here at ume and Capital Region Calmare, we are partnering with Chad Currin of Biosoil Farm to bring you BIOME!

BIOME is a pure, organic and LOCAL topical CBD massage product. It is full spectrum and made by the best, most diligent to detail oriented man in the world!

Revisit this page soon for a video in which you will see Chad himself explain WHY this is your new go-to CBD product.

It takes awhile to research and find the best product. While some may get product and start in right away, ume researched, sampled, and did two different studies to ensure we are using the best, most effective product. We did this years ago, before CBD was a 'buzz-word". ume is proud to offer Apothecanna brand CBD product.

This is an exciting new area and many are jumping on board. The language is confusing and often mis-used. Be sure what you are getting.

ume:urban.massage.elite., LLC uses Apothecanna products and offers full body CBD oil massage.

Bottles of Extra-Strength oil are available for retail on a first-come, first-served basis. Apothecanna carries many products, so make your request and I will be happy to order for you.

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