CBD oil massage and retail


It is HERE!!!!!! As we are always evolving here at ume and Capital Region Calmare, we have partnered with Chad Currin of High Peaks Hemp to bring you BIOME!

BIOME is a pure, organic and LOCAL topical CBD massage product. It is full spectrum and made by the best, most diligent detail oriented man in the world!

It takes awhile to research and find the best product. While some may get product and start in right away, ume researched, sampled, and did two different studies to ensure we are using the best, most effective product. We did this years ago, before CBD was a 'buzz-word". ume is proud to offer Biome CBD product.

This is an exciting new area and many are jumping on board. The language is confusing and often mis-used. Be sure what you are getting.

ume:urban.massage.elite., LLC uses Biome products and offers full body CBD oil massage.

For a limited time special offer grab your voucher here: www.bit.ly/cbdbyume

Retail is available.

1oz pure bottles for topical or tincture $30+tax

2oz spray bottles offer a pain relief blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and capsacin and retail at $50+tax

8oz Biome oil pain relief blend (this will last forever!) retails at $170+tax

Stop Living in Pain and Start Living!