I am SO excited to be back as of 6/22/2020. I know and appreciate that you will be patient with me as I am not able to schedule as many people per day due to disinfecting and distancing guidelines.

With that in mind I would like to let you know some of the best practices I will be following:

NYS has mandated a few "must comply" orders, so please note that I am asking you to comply out of necessity. Whether we agree with all of them or not, it is my business and license, so comply we must. At least we are getting massages again - something to be happy about!

* All clients must wear a face mask to gain entry. The only position it is ok not to wear your mask is when you are facedown. They must be worn at all other times, and face massage will not be done at this time. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK.

* Please bring your own water. Just like the gym! I am eliminating the water service. Please also note that our kitchenette is not a common area. Please do not go in there.

* The waiting room should be used as little as possible. If you arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment please wait in your car. Text me when you have arrived and I will let you know it is ok to come up and directly into the treatment room. Note that the chairs have been placed in the waiting room specifically for precautions.

* Once the massage is over simply open the door and we will conduct our transaction and scheduling in the room. 

* ume has always been and remains an appointment only business. If you need anything call. Do not just walk in unless we have arranged a meeting.

* All forms of payment are still acceptable. It is encouraged to pre-pay by credit card. You can do so by using the pinned post on my facebook business page. I am working on having that service on this website.

* If you are new to ume, or have not seen me in years, you can find new client forms on this website. Although not required, it is encouraged that you print and fill out prior to your appointment rather than in-office.

*  If you are showing signs and symptoms of illness, please do not attend your appointment and notify me ASAP. Please note that the late cancellation policy is waived only for illness and genuine emergencies. Otherwise 24 hours is still expected and fees will apply. Much appreciated. 

* I will be cleaning and disinfecting between every client per CDC/DOH guidelines. Please refer to those sites if you have questions.

* Please do not bring people to your appointment unless absolutely necessary.

* I will be goggled and masked (gloves as needed). There will be no hugs or handshakes for the timebeing. Other than providing service, the 6-foot social distancing rule must be observed. 

* If you have a standing appointment I have already contacted you. If you have a standing appointment and I have NOT contacted you please call me immediately at 518-867-2262.


Thank you so much for helping me to observe these new rules and for sticking by me through this closure! I am SO looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again - and YES! I CAN tell when you are smiling!


In health,